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A RESOURCE CENTER FOR GARDENING ENTHUSIASTS. Gives resource sites which are beautifully illustrated and point the way to plant encylopedias and directories which can answer any question a gardener may have. Also bookstores and magazine directories, forum and chat groups on gardening, question and answer sessions, material and supplies and their sources as well as customer ordering areas, guides to new garden sites on the internet, and much, much more.


This site has been designed to help the viewer locate the primary and more important gardening sites which will lead him to answers he is looking for. These thirty-three sites are generally beautifully illustrated which require at least a 28,000 baud modem. However many of the same sites will allow a less graphical entrance to their offerings. They are, for the most part, virtual enclopedias of gardening knowledge.

Whatever you have in mind or are looking for can be find through the use of these resource-type sites. You can find forums and chat groups to help answer your questions. You can select and order merchandise. You can study and peruse to your heart's content. And if you have a problem which needs solving there are site departments set up just for that very thing. Mayhill Press hopes that this resource page will be of great use to you. We welcome your comments and any suggestions. Just use our e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

Additionally we have also included a few sites from various individuals who, though not strictly resource sites, still have something interesting for us to see and learn about.

But first, Bob Saffell wants you to have FREE of charge his 4500 word booklet, entitled "Growing Selected Hydroponic Vegetables and Herbs". In his booklet Bob tells how to grow sweet delicious strawberries, mouth-watering tomatoes, savory herbs such as thyme, basil, sage, tarragon, rosemary, lettuce for mesclun mixes, and even how to grow chickens and roses together.

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GARDEN ESCAPE is one the best sites on the internet. It even has its own magazine online. Also the site features expert guests on its chat forums. This is a must if you really like gardening.

VIRTUAL GARDEN is a marketplace for any gardening idea or item you can think of. It too has its experts for discussion forums and chat groups. Very attractive site. Don't miss it.

GARDEN NET is probably the most attractive site on the internet, as far as gardening goes. It is designed like a mall with a lot of places you can shop. It too has its own online magazine. This site also has a large library of articles and book reviews about gardening topics. Another must-see site.

THE RESOURCE CENTER FOR INEXPENSIVE HYDROPONIC STARTUPS is the place to go if you want to know more about hydroponics or even if you want to set up a viable commercial operation. For amateurs and professionals alike. Has information on how to start out on a shoestring and build up to a family or even corporate business. But mostly the site is directed to giving free pointers on hydroponic subjects. You should check it out.

THE RESOURCE CENTER FOR MASS-REARING BENEFICIAL INSECTS lets you cope with the obvious. Was there ever a garden without them? Bugs, we mean. This site tells you how to raise (or rear) green lacewing, trichogramma wasp and other beneficial insects which can help you keep your garden clean from many pests. This site even tells you how to make a living raising beneficial insects. If you want to control pests in your garden, then you should take a look at this site.

THE RESOURCE CENTER FOR GROWING GOURMET SALAD GREENS lets you learn how to grow all those delicious and tender salad plants you have in mind. Like mesclun mixes of all kinds, you'll find out about arugula, finnochio, gayla mache, bibbs, batavians, leaf lettuces, romaines, tres fine endive, sinco escarole, radicchio, fennel sino and so on. If this appeals to you, then don't fail to stop by.

TEXAS A&M HORTICULTURE INDEX more than lives up to its billing as a research and resource center. At this site you can have the combined resources of the university which include teaching, research and extension divisions.

GARDENING.COM is considered by many to be one of the web's best gardening sites. Why? This site has an illustrated and comprehensive plant encylopedia with huge garden site directories, forums and bookstores, to name a few of the site's features.. It's worth your time to investigate this one.

GARDENING HOTLINE is a good place to get your questions answered. This site features an automated phone setup which has catagories for different problems, such as plant problems, outdoor gardening. bulbs, etc.

GARDENING TOOLS listed here are advertised as of high quality and durability. All sorts of gardening tools are offered for both amateur and professional use.

HORTUS-A GARDENING JOURNAL is published in the United Kingdom and focuses its content on intelligent and lively discussions about various garden topics.

JOHNNY'S SELECTED SEEDS offers a catalog for the new season. This catalog features a large variety of seeds and supplies which can also be ordered (encrypted) online.

NORTHERN GARDENING has articles on many gardening subjects and includes a lot of gardening links. Though bent toward northern gardeners, this is a good resource for all climes.

VAN NESS WATER GARDEN is not a resource site as the term is defined here, but the site does offer a large and quite comprehensive book which covers every aspect of water gardening, including ponds, how to build and maintain, stocking and so forth.

THE GARDEN GATE gives gardeners and lovers of nature many links to intriguing sites all around the world. The site also provides a large and growing collection of other gardening materials.

WATER WISE GARDENING does what it says: it tells you how to use water more beneficially and efficiently in your garden. By changing your landscaping, you can get off to a good start.

ORGANIC VEGETABLE GARDENS offers advice on many aspects of organic gardening.

ORGANIC FERTILIZERS from Whitney Farms is considered a good resource for those interested in organic gardening.

KATHIE'S HERB PAGE should give herb lovers a lot of information. The site contains many stories about the history and medicinal use of herbs, particularly those gleaned from her own garden.

ALGY'S HERB PAGE is an attractive and information loaded site. You can order herbs from A to Z and also learn about their many uses: culinary, ornamental and medicinal.

TASHA'S LIST OF ORGANIC GARDENING LINKS is quite comprehensive, and is supported with tips from a couple of authors of Rodale Publishing which puts out ORGANIC GARDENING magazine.

GARDENING AND LANDSCAPING - ENGLAND is a bookstore that offers more than a half million books pertaining to landscaping and gardening. You should find what you want there!

ANGELGROVE TREE SEED COMPANY has a site which you must see. All kinds of tree seeds are offered, from the exotic to the familiar. If you're interested in a variety of trees for your property, then this is the site to visit.

NATURE HILLS NURSERY is an online nursery that offers trees, shrubs, perennials, fruit trees, rose bushes, and much more to customers across the United States. We also offer a gardening Q and A library and several other gardening-related resources. I think our site would be a nice addition to your list of gardening links and resources.

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