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These are the topics that so many people have asked about in the past. These are the really hot topics, some of which are sure to catch your eye.

These reports are jam-packed with information that you can use today. We have cut right to the chase and given you all the meat and the potatoes!

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From Bob Saffell
Winchester, KY

Dear Friends,

Do you already engage in hydroponics or are you just starting out and want more intensive hydroponic information? In either case you should get your copy of The Best of Growing Edge, a two volume collection of intense and deeply explored hydroponic topics. All selections have been taken from the bi-monthly magazine, Growing Edge covering back issues since 1989. This publication is on the cutting edge of what's happening in hydroponics. It's a must for every grower's bookshelf.

What actually is the magazine,The Growing Edge, all about and why should you have it in your own library? Here is what the publisher says:

"There is enough information on new equipment and techniques to keep the most avid "techno-gardener" busy for years in the pages of the magazine and in this collection of past articles. It was the lack of this information in the popular gardening press that was the driving force behind the creation of The Growing Edge. But there is much more going on here."

"Although not designed as a how-to-book, The Best of the Growing EDGE should provide new growers with the information needed to get started in high-tech gardening, indoors, outdoors or in the greenhouse. An attempt has been made to include basic information on every major topic - soilless gardening, nutrients, pest controls, environmental controls, plant varieties, propagation, production methods and other techniques. Novice or professional, we believe thinking readers (we don't have any other kind) should find much here that is useful, enlightening, even provocative."

Here is what you get when you buy The Best of Growing Edge:

In Volume One - over 206 pages
Articles from experts on every topic:

Chapter 1: Soilless Gardening
Includes aero-hydroponics, NFT, rockwool, hard rock gardening

Chapter 2 - Nutrients
Includes Nutrtient management, chemical dynamics of hydroponic solutions, organic hydroponics, foliar feeding.

Chapter 3 - Pest Control
Includes Integrated Pest Management. dishpan pest control, homemade sticky traps, poison plants, hydroponic IPM.

Chapter 4 - Environmental control
Includes environmental dynamics, computer control techniques, HID and LED lighting, photo morphogenesis, carbon dioxide enrichment.

Chapter 5 - Plant Varieties:
Includes growing citrus and bananas indoors, medicinal plants, homeopathy, mushrooms, cultivation fundamentals, plant selection for hydroponic growers.

Chapter 6 - Plant Propagation:
Includes propagation for beginners, aero-hydroponic plant propagation, microwave seeds, tissue culture, bioprocessing.

Chapter 7 - Production Methods:
Includes basil (herb) production for the beginner, integrated food production, common problems.

Chapter 8 - Specialized Techniques:
Includes stress as a cultivation technique such as pruning and bonsai, basic drip irrigation, allelopathy as the bioweapon of the future, allies and enemies.

And much, much more!

In Volume Two - over 300 pages
Again, articles from experts on every topic:

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Hydroponics:
Includes today's leaders in hydroponic technology, the growing bull market for hydroponic veggies, plants suitable for hydroponic growing.

Chapter 2 - The Basic Elements of Hydroponics:
Includes pH and temperature, light and water, nutrients, gullies and channels, indoor lighting, coconut fiber as an environmental friendly medium, electrical conductivity, the sulphur lamp as used in horticulture, organic fertilizers for hydroponic use.

Chapter 3 - Building Your Own System:
Includes the hydroponic home unit, backyard hydroponics, office hydroponics (for winter tomatoes!), hydroponics in suburbia.

Chapter 4 - Plants You Can Grow Hydroponically:
Includes scented geraniums, bananas, orchids, herbs, strawberries, water chestnuts and other aquatic crops. Also an article on rice production.

Chapter 5 - Breeding and Propagation:
Includes saving seed to insure our future, the technology of seed saving, overcoming dormancy in seeds.

Chapter 6 - Pest and Disease Control:
Includes organic disease and pest control, insect predators, beneficial nematodes, controlling fruit-fly infestations, pesticides primer.

Chapter 7 - Greenhouse Management:
Includes hot climate gardening, computer controls and computing the variables in the greenhouse, greenhouse growing Southern style, alternative power generation.

Chapter 8 - Organics and Hydroponics:
Includes the organic-hydroponic debate, federal attempts to regulate organic foods, microbiology breaking new ground in agriculture, Transgenic Bt crops - panacea or nightmare.

Chapter 9 - Beyond the Basics:
Includes integrating hydroponics and agriculture on the small farm, raising fish and chives with aquaponics, California guerilla NFT, rizofiltration - clean water with plants, thriving on a survival garden.

Chapter 10 - Small Commercial Growers:
Includes gourmet gardens, good business with hydroponic tomatoes, small but beautiful, fancy lettuce from "down under", hydroponic flower farm, Cape Cod aquafarm, hydroponics and aquaculture working together.

Chapter 11 - Hydroponics in Education and Public Service:
Includes hydroponics making waves in the classroom. the hydroponics curriculum, inmates in Virginia growing with hydroponics.

And much, much more!
A total of over 506 pages!
Can you afford to be without The Best of Growing Edge?


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