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After this short note, Bob Saffell, the author, appends a personal letter.

Years of gardening and doing hydroponics have qualified Bob Saffell for knowing his subject. He has grown plants both organically and hydroponically. Also he has been a Certified Texas Nurseryman who managed, quite successfully, one of the largest nursery outlets in the state of Texas. He knows the difference between gardening the old-fashioned way (with soil) and in gardening with hydroponics (without soil).

There are many shortcuts and growing methods in the field of hydroponics. And frankly not too many growers have the time or inclination to tell you about them.

Why would Bob want to share them with you? Because he feels not enough necessary (sometimes secret?) information has been made available. He is particularly incensed at the lack of marketing information. If you can't sell it, why grow it?

Bob explains it all in the personal letter which follows.

From Bob Saffell:
Winchester, KY

Dear Friend,

Would you like to make a good living using a gardening technique which is inexpensive to set up, easy to maintain, and costs very little to operate? Would you like to do all of this on less than 1/3 acre and net up to or as much as $40,000 and more per year?

If yes is your answer, then you, like every other gardener in the world, should know this new and extremely practical method for survival.

The new hydroponics is just that. It's not really "new", but the ideas I will outline to you are new.There is no other plan like it in today's market. With my help, anyone with common sense and a little plant sense can get into hydroponics - and make a profit from the start.

My manual, How to Start on a Shoestring and Make a Profit with Hydroponics, will show for the first time how the amateur, the beginner, can get started right now. It will show you how to get into a high profit situation without high cost and with very little hand labor. It beats regular gardening by several country miles.

But first let's take a free peek of what my manual in detail has to offer. Just CLICK HERE. We'll come back to the following overview in a moment.

No more composting, no more back-breaking labor, no more wasting time on the weather. Now you control the weather. You control the growth of your plants. You control your markets. Sell the tiller, forget the compost, forget the weeds (there are none). Forget about slaving for a living. With hydroponics giving crop yields up to twenty times those of soil and with my plan on how to get it all going, the only reason left for you to garden the old way is for the exercise!

    Because plants grown with hydroponics are just as good, even better in flavor and keeping qualities, as those grown in soil. They are just as nutritious,just as healthy, and grow much faster in a smaller area. They are disease-free, bug-free, fungus-free. With absolutely no chance of contamination, including that from manure.


And those who get in on the ground floor will expect and deserve to reap big benefits Here's what I'm talking about. Here are the advantages of "farming" hydroponicaly (as opposed to growing in soil.):

    ...higher soil disease...not complicated...steady, controlled, insecticides...some crops within 3 months...4 crops and more a year...crops consistent in size and yield...operation and maintenance costs much heavy weeds...absolutely clean...less fertilizer, less water, less waste...easy on the environment...can be set up anywhere, on rock or concrete if necessary...efficiency can be maintained crop rotation...40 hours attention per month for one-third drought, no erosion, no "bad " weather....excellent fruits, quality blooms...NO MORE HIT OR MISS...

Commercial growers have known all of this for some time. They know hydroponics is cheaper than soil. And taste? Why don't you find out for yourself? Go to the store and buy one or two hydroponicaly grown vegetables. See for yourself how good they taste. What about good soil? Where will you find that kind of soil today? Most of our best soil in this country has already been washed down the Mississippi river and out into the Gulf of Mexico! Most of the soil in my state is thinly spread on top a thick mantle of rock. But the big agriculture folks continue to waste water and spread more chemicals and pesticides - onto a soil base which was worn out a hundred years ago with massive over cropping.

    But enough of that. Let's find out how you can get started, inexpensively and without a lot of fuss. Let's chart a course where you can start out and build with your profits a hydroponicum which will weather all seasons, which will be steady and faithful, continually producing a magnificent way of life for you and your family.

    These are the three essentials for success: (a) planning and setting up, (b) production and maintenance, (c) marketing. I will lead you step by step through all three of these essentials. Patiently and thoroughly. I will help you get a quick start and point out the different directions you might choose to go. I will also tell you which direction to take if you want to make the most money.

    No, it isn't vegetables, though you could do well at that. I'll tell you about two "secret" vegetables which sell for a high price and are very easy to grow. Fifteen hundred square feet, just gardening the old way, could net you several thousand s of dollars! This idea alone is worth the price of the manual!

Have you ever wondered where all those beautiful poinsettias, mums and gloxinias come from? How about all that foliage you see in pots at the store? You know that somebody grows them. And that somebody makes a lot of money with them.

Well today these plants are grown hydroponicaly - under careful, regulated control - where not an inch of space, not a minute of time, is wasted. Everything is "scientific". But YOU don't have to be a scientist to do the job. Remember? Common sense? A little plant savvy?

$40,000 a year on 1/3 acre may sound like big potatoes, but it is no exaggeration! In Texas, there is a hydroponicum in the area where I lived where thousands of plants are grown and sold every month. A multi-million dollar business! (By the way, this man started out in much the same way as you will.)

I will explain to you how you can get started right now. This year you will be able to start making a good living at it. You will be able to start without a greenhouse - and have the profits to pay for one in the fall. I will include detailed diagrams for a very low-cost greenhouse, one which I personally designed to withstand high winds. I will also include all costs detailed down to the penny. At no time will you have any doubts of what to do - because I'll be there to help you when you need it.

You will learn my "secret ways" and at very low cost: to use the cheapest to dry-feed (getting started) and how to keep the beds moist (like a wrung-out sponge) to use open beds, shading, and plants on to build as fast as possible - from profits - so you can take your plants into the winter months and sell at high out-of-season prices to start seedlings/cuttings (the local success story in our area uses a weak feeding solution) to test your water to maintain the proper to combat cloudy weather...why your beds should never be empty...what to look for in your plants, their deficiencies and how to correct them...the right solutions for each to make money with vegetables...better still, where the real money to bring potted plants into quick bloom...raising foliage fast...

Why hasn't anyone thought of this sort of guidebook before? Everyone who's known what's happened in agriculture knows hydroponics is the way to go. But oddly enough only the few have gone ahead and done it. These few have made the mistakes, the experiments. But now these few supply most of your cut flowers, your potted plants, your foliage. They are even doing well with vegetables! I can assure you they are quite happy in performing this service!

These few have blazed the trail. But now all of us can do it! And we can do it at a marvelous profit! We can provide a good living for ourselves and enjoy a profession not dedicated to ruining the environment. Yes, we really are needed.

Of course the answer was always there. But it would take you months of research, a lot of time and money, to find that answer. And you would have to know plants. You would have to have experience. You would have to have patience.

    Gardening - truly it is my passion, like golf or fishing might be to someone else. I have tried every conceivable method - and every one of them, except hydroponics, has cost me a lot of hard labor, money, time - often with heartbreaking results. I have engaged in composting, earthworm cultivation, straw and newspaper mulch, and other mulch techniques. For years my gardens have been organic - completely. The best in the county. But the labor! The hard work! The tedium when the days are long an hot!

    Years of gardening experience qualify me for knowing my subject. Also I have been a Certified Texas Nurseryman and have managed, quite successfully, one of the largest nursery outlets in the state of Texas. But enough of tooting my own horn - you're not interested in that.

So what is the most important thing you should know before you really get started? Why is it such a big "secret"? What really makes hydroponics a success? No, it's not necessarily money or a lot of experience. In the beginning it doesn't have to be fancy. It can still be humble, using the one cheap way of getting started and make a real profit. What is it anyway? I will tell you the answer to that. I will tell you how to overcome problems which may lie in the way. I will tell you that and much more.


Is it for you? No, it isn't all easy. What is? You do have to pay attention to detail. You do have to practice good housekeeping. You do have to study and learn more. That big package you've always wanted can be yours if you agree that it takes work, study and planning to get what you want.With all of this, you can succeed. Many others already have.

THINK ABOUT IT. Where will you be one winter from now? Five? Ten? Buy my manual! It will tell you how to make winter pleasant. It will tell you how to get what you want from life. It will tell you how to be your own man!

My manual explains in easy-to-read language the ins and outs, the details of running a hydroponic operation successfully. With no long-term waiting for profits, where competition is not a problem. And it's all just a few months away. My manual will tell you in detail: to construct beds...what to put into them for a growing medium...what plants will make the most much it will cost to get started (very little)...when to forsake the beds and go to pots and benches...when to throw up the plastic and go "indoors"...with all expansion based on profits. not borrowed to run the business like a factory (which it is)...why there is no perfect nutrient to make-do with materials at hand - even for your nutrient mix...why an established hydroponicum is permanent and has little expense...why we can get four crops minimum a some commercial operations get twelve crops of Bibb lettuce a year...why we must shoot for a minimum of $20 gross profit per square "overhangs" for even more profit...why intercropping is so important, especially in the beginning...why it loses its importance as you become more established...what to do about acid rain...

You are right! It's not just a manual. It covers a lot of territory. What's more it tells you what to do after you are established and are reaching out for even greater goals. It's a very practical manual which takes you from scratch and stays with you all the way. GET YOUR COPY NOW! GET STARTED NOW!

    But let's suppose you don't want to grow "big". Well, you don't have to. Though my manual is primarily aimed at taking the beginner and showing him the way to a large commercial hydroponicum, others can gain a great amount of pertinent knowledge for their own particular uses, knowledge which they won't find elsewhere. (Did you know that a family of four can live off a small hydroponicum which contains only two beds, say 5 feet by 40 feet? I mean actually produce all the vegetables they can eat? Without the backbreaking work an ordinary garden entails? Think what the older folks could do with this idea! My organic gardens, intensive as they were, never did this!)

Do you know what people are doing in the rest of the world? Do you know what's going on in Israel, a nation almost solely dependent upon hydroponics for its food supply? Do you know what's going on in some parts of the world where fresh vegetables are hard to come by? Do you know how they grow flowers in Switzerland? Sweden? Patent roses in Southern France? All with hydroponics. Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating!

Order my manual today (see guarantee below)! You'll be doing the right thing. The price isn't high - not when you consider that soon, this very year, you'll be able to declare your own independence. And that you, too, will have a nice clean human way to go.

One more thing: don't forget those two secret vegetables which sell for high prices. They're in the manual too!

What others are saying:

Johannesburg, South Africa-- I received your publication on "How to start on a Shoestring and make a profit with Hydroponics" in March this year and was really impressed (by the manual as well as the speedy response and delivery). Like your Web Site it was crammed with interesting and MOST helpful information, easy to read, simple and straight to the point (Well worth the R190.00) - I am now totally "hooked". I have built (in my driveway - mind you) a 24 square meter greenhouse, one hydroponics system using PVC pipes, one aeroponic box and I am currently experimenting with a gravity feed pyramid system for strawberries. I am also eyeing the top of my garage for the next greenhouse - much to my neighbours delight :-)

... the fun I've had so far is priceless and I owe you a BIG THANK YOU!! -- Gilbert Davies

Eureka, CA-- After receiving your truly exhaustive manual on hydroponics I know that you deliver exactly what you promise - and more. Nancy Santos

Desert Hot Springs, CA-- This is a good manual. I have several experimental greenhouses. -- Rodney Davis


Sydney, Australia-- it (the manual) also has quite a lot to offer the beginner who is thinking of expanding at some stage to become a full-time hydroponic producer. ...Sensibly, marketing and marketing strategies are given quite a lot of prominence throughout the manual, beginning with the advice - never start growing anything until you have established a market for it. ...It is an easy manual to read, written in a conversational tone and divided into lots of sub sections.

From a review in the Winter 1993-94 issue of GROWING EDGE, a top grower's magazine:

Corvallis, OR-- Practical, to the point, no nonsense. That is probably the best way to describe to commercial hydroponic growing. You'll find that Saffell rarely shies away from the common problems that plague beginning growers. ... For the small commercial grower, or for anyone contemplating such a leap, this manual could prove invaluable. The marketing advice, in particular, could help you steer around the common blunders.


If you wish to place an order please do so strictly at my risk. This manual comes with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee! That's NO RISK for you! This is a money-back LIFETIME guarantee - with absolutely no strings attached. Why do I do this? After 23 years in this business, I have a reputation to maintain and I don't want you to feel like you're "being taken." I want you to order this information today. I want you to read it, find out for yourself - and if you aren't completely satisfied, just write, call or email me for a fast refund of the purchase price you paid. There will never be any questions or hassles. There is no way you can lose.

Like others of its kind, this manual would usually be priced at $49.95 or higher. But as an internet marketing test which may or may not be extended past May 31, 2008, the manual will be made available at 25% off ... at $37.00. In other words, right now you can get my manual for $37.00 at absolutely no risk to you (see guarantee above). That's what a lot of people spend for an evening out at a normally-priced restaurant. If you use only one of the hundreds of secrets or tips, I guarantee you will have more than paid for the manual.

And now we come to the best part.

You can have and learn these secrets within 10 minutes. You're absolutely right ...WITHIN TEN MINUTES. My server will automatically email the downloading instructions to your email address within 10 minutes after you place your order. After easily downloading the manual, you will be able to benefit immediately.

You can look for a particular subject, learn how to put money in your pocket.

You can print out the manual so you can read it whenever and wherever you want.

If you don't want to download, see #3 and #4 below in "Ways to order".

Remember, the cost of this offer is not its real value. The real value is what you'll get by having this information at your fingertips.

In addition, because I really want to increase sales, if you order by , May 31, 2008, I'll not only guarantee the discounted price of $37.00 but I will also extend the following important and exciting bonuses free of charge:


Your manual will have an extensive section about a very inexpensive greenhouse I designed to withstand high winds when I lived in Texas. All the drawings, the material specifications, the costs and other breakdowns and descriptions are included.


I will be available to answer any questions I can. There will never be any charge or fee for this valuable consultation service. The normal charge for this kind of consultation service can run into hundreds of dollars. But it's FREE to you. Any questions having to do with the material in the manual you ordered, I will be happy to answer as best I can.

Do you really think you can do without this manual?

Four easy ways to order

  1. The fastest way to order is directly online with our SECURE SERVER.

    Or if your web browser will not support secure servers, use our other order form. Keep in mind that if you use the order form on our Secure Server, we will send your downloading instructions immediately within 10 minutes! This means you can get an extra jump on putting money in your pocket.

    If you use our other order form, the download instructions will be emailed to you but it will take up to 24 hours.

    Attention: MAC USERS. Your computer is incompatible with the download instructions. So you must use one of the following.

  2. You can telephone me at 1- 859-745-5218. I'm usually available from 1pm to 10 pm EST. But if you get my voice mail, just leave your name and phone number. I'll call back at no charge to you! Be sure I get your address, telephone number so I can send the necessary information. Of course, this method takes up to 48 hours to complete.

  3. To get this manual on a floppy disk, follow the instructions given here.

    Click Here, print out the order form and fill in the blanks. Then snail-mail the form. You will receive the manual in Word format on a floppy disk via airmail. The cost will be $33.00 plus $4 S&H for a total of US$37.00. Send the form along with your credit card information, check or money order to Mayhill Press, 103 Susan Ct, Winchester, KY 40391

  4. I still have a few printed copies of the manual. I don't intend to have anymore printed. To get one of these printed manuals, just write your name, address, and phone number on a piece of paper. Tell us what you want and send your credit card information, check or money order for $37.00 plus $4 S&H (for priority mail) or a total of $41.00 to Mayhill Press, 103 Susan Ct, Winchester, KY 40391

Time is important. When you use the Secure Server, your manual's downloading instructions will be emailed to you in less than 10 minutes! You can start learning right away. If you use either of the other two ways, it will take anywhere from 1 to 7 days before you can get started.

Frankly, I look forward to hearing from you soon. But most importantly I hope to hear about how you apply what you've learned and that you, too, have found a new and exciting way of life. Really, it's most gratifying to hear about other people's successes!

Yours quite sincerely,

Bob Saffell

P.S. That's it. You get your new manual. AND the greenhouse plans. AND my free consultation charge as long as you want. Then you be the judge. Don't forget: you have to be completely satisfied.If you're not 100% satisfied, I want you to email, call or write me for a full and complete refund. Again there will be no hassle, no questions asked.

P.P.S. For those who live in countries other than the United Sates or Canada, you get the same price as stated above! Again you must be completely satisfied. If the material doesn't work for you or your situation, just email, call or write for a full refund.

Any comments, what have you, will be appreciated. I look forward to your feedback. Email me at



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