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I know you will be interested in our new series of reports (much like the above) in which we explore in great depth each of the topics given in the reports listed below. Since we introduced these reports we have had a high demand for them.

These are the topics that so many people have asked about in the past. These are the really hot topics, some of which are sure to catch your eye.

These reports are jam-packed with information that you can use today. We have cut right to the chase and given you all the meat and the potatoes!

All of the material contained in these reports is new and, except for an excerpt or two from my books, not easily available elsewhere. I'll tell you one thing: they're huge bargains!



BIG DOLLARS GROWING GOURMET SALAD GREENS. This is one of my latest manuals which, like hydroponics, gives a detailed path to an operation where you can grow all the specialty greens you desire. Includes arugula, radicchio, finnochio baby romaines and many others.

BENEFICIAL INSECTS - How to Mass-Rear and Make a Profit. This is my latest manual. Like my hydroponics manual, this manual on beneficial insects has diagrams/drawings to show you how to build everything yourself - right from scratch.

Do you already engage in hydroponics or are you just starting out and want more intensive hydroponic information? In either case you should get your copy of The Best of Growing Edge, a two volume collection of intense and deeply explored hydroponic topics. All selections have been taken from the bi-monthly magazine, Growing Edge covering back issues since 1989. This publication is on the cutting edge of what's happening in hydroponics. It's a must for every grower's bookshelf. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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AEROGARDEN This is a mini hydroponic garden for beginners and experts alike.

HYDROPONICS GROW BOX SYSTEM STORE For those who want to grow indoors, herbs, etc.

ATLANTIS HYDROPONICS Atlantis Hydroponics specializes in hydro kits, homegrown hydroponics, hydroponics system, horticulture lightening, plant grow lighting, ...

TEXAS HYDROPONICS AND ORGANICS Offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor gardening equipment, parts, publications and accessories.

BETTER GROW HYDROPONICS offers over 1800 hydroponic supplies to help you grow bigger, better and more ...

VERTICAL GARDENING your link to the Hydroponics and Vertical Gardening, for hobbyists or commercial growers, indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses.

HYDRPONIC SYSTEMS SUPPLY hydroponics, hydroponics systems, hydroponic supply, hydroponic equipment, hydroponic equipment supply, digital electronic ballasts, plant grow lights, ...

AMERICAN HYDROPONICS manufactures and retails hydroponic gardening supplies for hobby and commercial growers worldwide

GREEN COAST HYDROPONICS GreenCoast Hydroponics carries the best grow lights, hydroponic systems, Adjust-a-Wings, Advanced Nutrients and environmental controllers.

GROWLIGHTS, GROW BULBS sells HPS Grow Lights, Metal Halide Grow Lights. Hydroponics Systems, HPS bulbs, Metal Halide bulbs, Liquid Plant Nutrients and more.

INDOOR GROW LIGHT SYSTEMS | FERTILIZER Urban Gardener for grow lights, odor contol, plant food, ph meters, and other quality gardening products. Wholesale or Retail. Visit us today!

HYDROLAB GROW TENTS - A UK BASED GROW TENT RETAILER Hydrolab offer a range of grow tents and grow rooms for beginners and professionals. They have a grow room to suit most grow lights and growing applications.

CROP KING is a premier designer of hydroponic greenhouses. Not only does Crop King furnish the entire package but the staff furnishes ongoing training, coupled with marketing techniques. Plus the company stocks accessory items

HYDROPONIC LIGHTS - information for beginners and intermediates

GENERAL HYDROPONICS Hydroponic Nutrients, General Hydroponics provides the best plant nutrients in the world.

HID HUT DISCOUNT GARDEN SUPPLIES Check out their featured HID Hut products, and their catalog for a wide variety of items at unbeatable prices.

HYDRO EMPIRE stocks a large supply of Grow Lights, Advanced Nutrients, Hydroponic Supplies, Organic Hydroponic Nutrients, Indoor Grow Lights, High Pressure Sodium Lamps, Hydroponic Systems, Grodan Rockwool, Growing Mediums and Plant Grow Lights!

BGHYDRO If you need it they have it. And now they are in Los Angeles too.

GTG HYDROPONICS provides hydroponic growing systems & equipment, hydroponics grow lights, CO2, organic fertilizers, high pressure sodium lights, and such for indoor or outdoor organic gardens hydroponics equipment and accessories!

PLANT LIGHTING HYDROPONICS AND GROW LIGHTS Great Prices on quality name brand Grow Lights, Hydroponics Systems, and Plant Nutrients


HYDROPONICS WHOLESALE Hydroponics wholesale supplies at low prices for grow systems and much more

HYDROPONICS UK's leading retailer stocking the greatest selection of hydroponics kits, systems, videos, books and HPS lights.

HYDROPONIC AND GARDENING SUPPLIES Hydroponics and aeroponic gardening information, equipment, and supplies including organic nutrient products, enhancing fertilizers, grow lights, and more.

HYDROPONICS features Hydroponic Gardening supplies and systems. Online Superstore features a great selection of hydroponics products, grow lights and equipment, indoor plant lighting, environmental controllers, Nutrients, organic fertilizers and Hydroponics kit.

HOMEGROWN HYDROPONICS is the leading manufacturer of indoor self contained hydroponic growing systems

UK HYDROPONICS - Greenleaf Hydroponic Systems Retailers of Hydroponics for Delivery to the UK and ROI.

HYDRO-GARDENS in Colorado, has been in business since 1968. They cover the whole gamut of hydroponic supplies, including fertilizers, nutrients, beneficial insects, greenhouse supplies of all kinds, and a host of others. This company is world famous and has been producing crops hydroponically for many years. If you've read the page on "Hydroponics in the Desert", the company responsible for making it work is Hydro-Gardens.

SGS HYDROPONIC supplies its extensive line of hydroponic equipment and garden supplies to individuals, companies and educational facilities. This site also provides a class room, reading room and live discussions!

NORTH AMERICAN HYDROPONICS The World's Greatest Growing Machine - North American Hydroponics' patented modular hydroponic growing technology, making hydroponics design! State-of-the-art home and commercial hydroponic systems, direct from the manufacturer, employing easy expandability, powered reservoir mixing and evacuation, automatic filtering, and emitterless operation, with a long list of additional features. Their proprietary GrowMode baffle allows these systems to support Hybrid, ebb-and-flow, flood, aeroponic, and NFT methodologies...all in the one machine.

HYDROSHOP ONLINE is an excellent retail hydroponic supply source in Australia. You can even order online. Take a look at it.

GREENTREES HYDROPONICS has a lot of information and products for both beginners and professionals. Give it a look and see what may be useful to you.

AQUAMIST offers a full line of aeroponic equipment, accessories and electronic metal halide lighting systems, plant food and growing supplies. They have both indoor and outdoor units. An exclusive product is Quicklink Connectors - makes trellises from PVC pipe.

AEROPONICS INTERNATIONAL is the world's largest website (54 megs) for Aeroponics and Bio-control. This site features organic products which reduce the need for pesticides, aeroponic systems, rapid propagation, nutrient recycling and a whole host of various bio-controls which are designed to help make a clean environment and healthy plants.

HYDRO-TECH HYDROPONICS has a catalog which can almost overwhelm you. From halide and sodium lights and accessories to just about anything you'll need can be found at this company's web site. Like fans, media, fertilizer,timers, download section for various growing guides, insect control, and much more.

THE SCHUNDLER COMPANY is one of the oldest and largest producers of perlite and vermiculite on the east coast. This company's website has over 25 pages of information on both hydroponic and other horticultural uses of perlite and vermiculite.

HOME HARVEST GARDEN SUPPLY ONLINE is consumer friendly and has a secure online catalog for organic, hydroponic, greenhouse, container and indoor gardening supplies. Has shipped to gardeners and hobby growers worldwide since 1988.

GROWKING.COM is an on-line indoor garden supply store with the latest in Hydroponics, Aeroponics, H.I.D. Lighting and of course all the high-tech accessories that make indoor gardening a snap. It's a good looking site. Check it out.

MIRACLE FARMS is included in this very beautiful and useful site which is devoted not only to the commercial grower but is also available for consultation services.

KOOTENAY GROWERS in British Columbia specializes in HID lighting, timer boards and aeroponics. They also have what you need in hydroponic fertilizers, organics and carbon filters.

HORIZEN HYDROPONICS Garden Where the Sun Don't Shine! Horizen has complete hydroponic systems, nutrients, lights, accessories, and information to get you growing.

3 R LIGHTING sells indoor gardening equipment & supplies for hydroponics & bioponics such as grow lights, hydroponic nutrients, meters, & lamps for high intensity discharge lighting (metal halide, high pressure sodium).

GARDEN ALL YEAR has 100% organic bat guano fertilizers are second to none. They recommend using their organic pest controls as a way to safely rid your garden of pests without dangerous chemicals. Hydroponic kits and hydroponic nutrients are available in several varieties.

SPECIALTY LIGHTS has a wide selection of specialty lighting fixtures including plant grow lights, light therapy boxes, emergency and exit lighting, full spectrum, aquarium lights and more.

GREEN THUMB GARDENING supplies a wide variety of high quality indoor and outdoor gardening supplies including: hydroponic systems, hydroponic accessories, hydroponic gardening supplies, metal halide and high pressure sodium grow lights, organic and standard fertilizers, advanced climate / co2 control, organic pest control, gardening books, and more.

BASEMENT LIGHTING is a convenient source for UK lighting needs.

SUPERIOR GROWERS Offering hydroponic gardening products, including nutrients, organic fertilizers, natural insect control, indoor plant grow lights, and propagation and irrigation supplies, Superior Growers Supply is your secure online catalog (secure connection ensures privacy) for hundreds of hard-to-find garden supplies

BAREROOTS HYDROPONICS BareRoots Hydroponics offers top quality hydroponic and organic gardening supplies including: hydroponic systems, organic alternatives, hydroponic fertilizers / nutrients, pest control (including spider mites), indoor Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium grow lights and supplies.

Growell - UK hydroponics and plant lighting - Supplying hydroponics systems, gardening and supplies to the UK and Eire.

HYDROPONIC SUPPLY - GROW LIGHTS All seasons gardening, Grow your own garden indoors. Lots of hydroponic gardening supplies from hydroponic plumbing and fittings to water and nutrient enhancement. Get Discount hydroponic supplies at

ADVANCED INDOOR HYDROPONICS Providing the latest in hydroponics supply, and a variety of grow lights.

RIVER CITY HYDROPONICS Hydroponics and grow lights, indoor gardening supplies.

EXFOLIATORS - Exfoliators™ - Leaders in Perlite, Vermiculite and Filteraid - Garden & Nursery - Leaders in the manufacture of Premium Perlite, Vermiculite and Filteraid products.

INDOOR GROWING LIGHT SYSTEMS Sells indoor grow lighting for the budget enthusiast. With only a small investment you can be growing your favourite crops indoors all year round.

GREEN CUTTINGS - THE GARDENING AND ALLOTTMENT BLOG Information and advice on all things green and growing. From flowers to fruit and vegetables and my different gardening techniques.

They are as follows:
"How to Start on a Shoestring and Make a Profit with Hydroponics"
"Big Dollars Growing Gourmet Salad Greens"
"Beneficial Insects - How to Mass Rear and Make a Profit"
If you would like a copy or copies of your own,


ALUMINUM GREENHOUSES Please click now to view our range of Aluminium greenhouses today, brought to you by growhouse Greenhouses

ROOF LIGHTS Roof lights are the simplest and most effective way of introducing light to your environment. Please click now to view a great Range of Roof Lights by Apropos.

STORAGE SHEDS The premier place to find out everything you need to know about storage sheds - including metal, steel, vinyl and many other types of sheds, shed plans, kits, a buying guide and much more.

GREENHOUSES Manufacturers of the ultimate greenhouses for gardening professionals, landowners and enthusiasts, the Hartley Range of Greenhouses remains our best-selling greenhouse to date. Greenhouses endorsed by Kew gardens.

REDPATH PACIFIC Manufacturer, importer & exporter greenhouses & equipment.

SUNSHINE GREENHOUSES Beautiful hobby greenhouse kits for the home gardener.

CLAYTON HILL GREENHOUSE COMPANY. Specializing in custom greenhouses, conservatories, and Victorian greenhouses.

CROP KING is a premier designer of hydroponic greenhouses. Not only does Crop King furnish the entire package but the staff furnishes ongoing training, coupled with marketing techniques. Plus the company stocks accessory items

SUNDANCE SUPPLY should be one of your first choices when it comes to greenhouse buildings and supplies of all kinds. This would cover greenhouses, ventilation, heating/cooling, shade cloth, misting devices, plastic covers, and much more.

THE SUN COUNTRY GREENHOUSE COMPANY has an extensive supply of greenhouse plans and kits of various styles and designs. I found their A-frame design excellent for heavy snow areas. This company also sells G.E.'s LEXAN, a prime greenhouse covering.

HYDROPONIC TECH has ideas for plans for greenhouses you can build yourself. Plus free plans for systems you can build and ideas on propagating and cloning, not to mention a consulting service for those in need.

EASY GROW GREENHOUSES Finally! - an unbelievable easy to erect, maintenance free, lifestyle greenhouse affordable enough for the hobby greenhouse gardener and tough enough for the professional greenhouse grower

EXCELL GREENHOUSES manufactures a wide line of greenhouses and frames in stock widths of 14', 20', 24', 28', and lengths of 48', 72' and 96'. Custom widths, lengths, and sidewalls of 4' or 6' are available.

They are as follows:
"How to Start on a Shoestring and Make a Profit with Hydroponics"
"Big Dollars Growing Gourmet Salad Greens"
"Beneficial Insects - How to Mass Rear and Make a Profit"
If you would like a copy or copies of your own,


MOUNTAIN VALLEY SEED Mountain Valley Seed offers a wide range of flower, vegetable, herb, and other seeds in economical bulk packaging. Their very low wholesale pricing and broad selection make them a great seed source for commercial growers, greenhouses and nurseries, or for home gardeners and hobbyists.

GOURD SEEDS Seeds rare, unusual and exotic from Whatcom Seed Company -- shop for seeds, easy ordering and super-fast delivery.

WHATCOM SEED COMPANY Seeds rare, unusual and exotic from Whatcom Seed Company -- shop for seeds, easy ordering and super-fast delivery. Includes bonsai, palmd and cycads.

MEDICINAL HERB SEEDS This is, in our humble opinion, the finest line of medicinal herb seeds aptly titled "Strictly Medicinal" from the folks at Horizon.

HERBNET is one of the most comprehensive sites on the NET for everything herbal!

PEPPER JOE has a site loaded with ideas about hot peppers and I mean HOT! Like chile! If this suits your taste, then this is the site to visit today.

BURPEE Need we say more?

PARK SEED Seeds and plants for every gardener in every area of the US. They sell a large selection of vegetables, flowers, nnuals, and perennials.

FERRY MORSE One of the top seed providers.

SEEDS OF CHANGE Specializes in organically raised seeds.

SEEDMAN You name it, they've got it.

REIMER SEEDS They have over 3,900 quality vegetable seeds, herb seeds, and flower seeds for the home garden and market growers.

HEIRLOOM SEEDS The best source for heirloom vegetable, flower and herb seeds.

MEDICINAL HERB SEEDS This is, in our humble opinion, the finest line of medicinal herb seeds aptly titled "Strictly Medicinal" from the folks at Horizon.

CALTAPATREE SEEDS Selling common and exotic seeds from all over the world.


HYDROPONIC VEGETABLE GARDENING SECRETS Learn secrets of growing hydroponic vegetables in small spaces without soil and without effort. Plants grow fast and healthy with automatic feeding and ...

SIMPLY HYDROPONICS There are hundreds of variations on these basic types of systems, but all hydroponic methods are a variation (or combination) of these six. ...

WIKIPEDIA Hydroponics -The free encyclopedia

FOR GENERAL GARDENING ENTHUSIASTS ONLY If your interest lies more towards gardening ideas and not specifically hydroponics, this is the site for you.

HYDROPONICS DICTIONARY Would you like to try growing your own fresh fruits year round, but live in an area where, due to cold temperatures, snow or poor soil, you are unable to do so outdoors? Instead, why not try hydroponics, a form of gardening in which you can grow plants without any soil at all. There are several different types of fruits you could consider growing in a hydroponic manner.

CITY FARMER Simplified Hydroponics has provided real solutions for low-income families and impoverished communities in many parts of the world. MARTIN CALDEYRO describes one innovative project in Uruguay that has improved family health and living standards, and is a model for other communities in Latin America to follow. Posted February 21 2004. Also City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Discussion Forum

VILLAGE GARDEN WEB This forum is for the discussion of hydroponics--the process of growing plants in water-based solutions. It is meant to cover techniques, equipment and appropriate plants. Excellent comments on growing jalapeno and habernero peppers as well as controlling bolting in lettuce crops.

HYDROPONIC SEARCH How To Select the Best Grow Light for your Greenhouse.

HYDROPONICS RESEARCH: USU CROP PHYSIOLOGY LABORATORY The Crop Physiology Laboratory has used hydroponic plant culture for over two decades to precisely control the root-zone environment. Their work includes the development of unique nutrient solution recipes for specific crops; the development of procedures to control nutrients in recirculating hydroponic culture; the effect of ammonium/nitrate ratios on growth and yield; and the testing of organic buffers to stabilize pH.

HOME HYDROPONICS. Virginia Tech has answers to many of your questions. The section on nutrient deficiencies, like ours, is quite illuminating.

ANSWERS has the answers to your hydroponic questions in 17 different languages!

HYDROPOPNICS AT ARIZONA STATE Some interesting stuff on solar lighting throughout various cities in the US.

SIMPLY HYDRO We like the section on classes where the "Professor answers your questions.

HYDROPONICS ONLINE A great discussion forum plus free stuff.

WIKIPEDIA, THE FREE ENCYCLOPEDIA The best treasure trove for hydroponics all-round information we have yet to see.

JAPANESE MODERN GARDEN AND HEALING GARDENS Japanese modern garden & healing garden designs by

LANDSCAPING GARDEN PLANTS Flora is a valuable resource for gardeners and home handy people. 90,000 + plants in our taxanomicl database.

ORGANIC GARDENING Another crucial gardening tip is that of the techniques which you use in the garden. This is perhaps the most important gardening tip of all, in that even with the right tools you can still misuse them; therefore possibly causing unnecessary strain on your body. One gardening tip in particular which can often come in handy to know is that of moving plants.

THE GARDENING WEBSITE The UK's number 1 directory for all things gardening, from garden centres to designers, plants and nurseries, tools and furniture its all on the gardening website!

GET GARDENING ADVICE Large Directory of Gardening Sites, information websites and services

COLORADO STATE'S COOPERATIVE EXTENSION CENTER AT DENVER COUNTY Has information on a lot more than hydroponics. Try anything from your lawn to the farm, anything dealing with agriculture. Yes, it covers hydroponics too.

GROWING EDGE magazine is tops in its field. Not only does it cover all new advances in hydroponics, it also covers any new growing ideas in other agricultural areas. I like it. I subscribe to it.

HOMEGROWN HYDROPONICS is a large Ontario, Canada company which gives out a lot of valuable information on such topics as herbology, nutrients, growing tips. This company services most of Central Canada.

THE HYDROMALL - The World's Largest Hydroponics Internet Mall. They have over 600 hydroponic stores listed worldwide in their "Stores Directory", plus "The Info Center" and "Product Profiles" section to give you the latest on what's hot in the hydroponic world.

NERDWORLD MEDIA has an excellent listing of hydroponic suppliers and related pages.

THE HANGOUT INDEX Hydroponic stores, products, articles, howto, internet links, FAQ, and movies and hydroponic suppliers.

GARDEN WEB has an extensive section on all kinds of gardening including hydroponics. The staff answers questions through forums and through individual experts. You could find it quite interesting.

PLANTCARE.COM PlantCare is a FREE database of over 1,300 species of House and Greenhouse Plants which provides 18 categories of care, from watering to lighting. Search a plant by either its Latin or common name.




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They are as follows:
"How to Start on a Shoestring and Make a Profit with Hydroponics"
"Big Dollars Growing Gourmet Salad Greens"
"Beneficial Insects - How to Mass Rear and Make a Profit"
If you would like a copy or copies of your own,

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