GRAVITY DREDGING FOR GOLD This idea is nothing new under the sun, but Ron Watson found very little information on this particular style of gravity dredge when he searched the internet. He assumed the reason for this is that the tools that are used total to less than $20.00 and can be easily bought at your local hardware store.

THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL is sponsored by the GPAA which is an umbrella entity that covers GOLD PROSPECTOR magazine, THE PICK AND SHOVEL, THE MINING CONNECTION and The Outdoor Channel. This site is the right place for the budding or experienced prospector. There is much being offered. If you want questions answered, this is the site to go to. You mustn't miss it.

THE SANTA ROSA GOLD DIGGERS, if your close enough to Santa Rosa, CA or can visit is a good place to be for beginners and professionals alike. Lots of good camaraderie and information for prospecting.

THE GOLDSHEET MINING LINKS covers almost anything you can think about when it comes to precious metals, including daily market prices. Check it out; you'll be surprised at the data stored at this site.

THE REED GOLD MINE is a very interesting discussion about early gold mining in the Carolinas and tells about the modern day musem.

THE DAHLONEGA GOLD MUSEUM is a site which gives abundant information about gold and gem mining in the famous Dahonega area of Georgia

THE SMITHSONIAN GEM AND MINERAL COLLECTION cannot be missed. The information is intensive as well as extensive with plenty of color photographs to make an enjoyable stay.

THE US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY page is the place to go if you're looking for maps (sorry, not gold or gem) or information on anything the service performs.

BOB'S ROCK SHOP has a lot for you to see. His family, too, is wrapped up in rocks and minerals of all kinds.

CALIFORNIA GOLD COUNTRY - HWY 49 REVISITED has many links to all fields of interest to a prospector. The home page is devoted to coins, gold and other artifacts. One link leads to interesting tourist spots in the gold country of California.

MAPVILLE is, as the name suggests, a site where anything you want to know about maps can be found. This includes maps of all kinds, not just gold or gem maps. An invaluable source for those who love maps or need to find a particular location.

TESORO is a good place to go to find out more about the Tesoro detector and to find some interesting gold and treasure stories.

ON-LINE TREASURE HUNTER offers a bonanza of information on treasure hunting, directories and forums, equipment supplies and many how-to ideas. A good site to visit.

THE GRUBSTAKE offers a lot of detail on the various aspects of prospecting and mining. Some good information can be found here.

NUGGETS UNLIMITED is a recreational gold prospecting club with land leases near Banff National Park in Canada. If you like your gold with spectacular beauty this is it.

THE GOLD PANNER is a good site to check out if you have interests in Southeastern United States gold. A good informative site with a clublike atmosphere.

TREASURE NET has links to just about anything you might want to know about gold and treasure - plus some odds and ends thrown in.

TOM'S TREASURES is a good site for those who are interested in coins, gold prospecting, antiques, and particularly metal detectors.

JB'S METAL DETECTING RESOURCE SITE covers the gamut for metal detetctors and their technical aspects. Also has a dandy resource for maps for civil war and other artifact sites. In depth discusion also on how to adjust for depth when looking for gold, coins,etc.

RVing - THE MIDWEST CONNECTION maintains a data base of information on Midwest campgrounds and have clipped and computer cataloged travel information for many years. Chances are, when you are planning a trip, they can suggest things to do and see along the way. They have also added RV Travel Friends, volunteers who will try and answer your questions about a particular Midwest state.

KITCO MINERALS AND METALS is a leader in the precious metals industry. They provide both the jewelry and dental industry with a full range of refining services, at competitive rates, with the accountability and integrity that you expect. Plus lots of information on gold and precious metal prices.

GOLDSEEK has market information which covers the world, plus discussion groups on just about any gold topic you might be interested in. A very interesting and rewarding site.

GOLD AND GEM GRUBBIN THE MINE is a good site to visit for many reasons, among which are the stories of the early gold days plus its catalog of gold jewlery. For example, did you know that more gold was mined in North Georgia than was mined during the subsequent California Gold Rush of 1849?

THE CHAMBER OF MINES FOR SOUTH AFRICA is loaded with information on precious metal mining. This is a very interesting site to see and had a world directory for mining activities.

LINKS TO COLLECTING SITES is sponsored by the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies and is a good guide to various collecting activities and sites.

CAMPING WORLD serves the RV owner with technical tips, insurance, RV tours, road care ideas, and even a buyers club for items pertaining to RV camping.

RV ZONE - "The Internet RV & Camping Guide" If it has anything to do with RVs and camping, this site has got it, including campground sites, manufacturers, service centers, accessories, newsgroups. etc.

GEORGIA GOLD PROSPECTERS ASSOCIATION gives added and many free benefits to its membership. Has over 200 sites for gold prospecting.

CALIFORNIA NUGGET HUNTER is dedicated to both the veteran gold miner and newcomer alike. Sign up for our free monthly e-zine, The Nugget Newsletter, which features information relative to gold mining, upcoming events, and lots of websites to visit each month!

GOLD LEISURE PRODUCTS Prospecting made easier with the MOST affordable and efficient spiral machine on the market. Totally self contained, weighing in at less than 10 pounds with the dimensions of 20"L x 15"W x 12"H. Don't let it's size fool you, this machine packs a powerful punch.

THE OUTDOOR SPECIALTY SHOP specializes in minerals and more. You will find that while they do not stock the large quantities of minerals some sites have, their selections are very specific to a collectors needs.

GOLD DUSTER MANUFACTURING Put the Dirt in the Top! ~ Take the Gold out the Bottom! Randy designs and builds every piece of equipment himself. Don't be missled. Get the original Gold Duster!

TAKE A HIKE Gem and Mineral collecting in Georgia. Along with modern collecting sites there are original and historical occurrences of many tens of different gems and minerals discovered here in GA. 2006 by Mayhill Press


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