HYDROPONICS IN THE TROPICS Suriname on the North South American coast has plenty of natural beauty but very little arable soil. So it made good sense to a company named Ingo and Rosita to begin a venture in hydroponics and aquaponics. With hydroponics they intend to raise pak choy and lettuce. With aquaponics they intend to grow shrimp. All in one floating hydroponic nutrient system array.

HYDROPONICS INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT This concept for hydroponics is rather simple. You decide what pest level you can put up with and then you manage your resources to help keep those pests at or below that level of tolerance.

HYDROPONICS NUTRIENT TOXICITY, DEFICIENCY Trace elements are hardly ever deficient, especially if you use commercial fertilizers or mix from one of the basic formulas. It's almost impossible to diagnose for deficiencies. But there excess is quite toxic. So be careful.

HYDROPONIC MANAGEMENT You need to know some details if you are going to advance in this business. Here are the main ones to consider.

TEN REASONS FOR HYDROPONICS Why you should be interested in hydroponics, both for food or income.

HYDROPONICS IN SAUDI ARABIA Hydroponics on concrete? Yes, even in the desert!

MARKETING ANALYSIS FOR HYDROPONICS You have to find out what markets exist or you can cause to exist. Then you have to specialize not only in particular plants but also in particular markets.

HYDROPONIC HAY A wide range of hydroponics tips for beginners who want to raise hay and other hydroponic feed items.

EIN-GEDI HYDROPONICS The ein gedi hydroponic technique is ideally suited for dry climates such as that found in Israel.

MAKE YOUR PROFITS SIZZLE BY GROWING HYDROPONIC HERBS A lot of grower tips for hydroponic herbs, beginning herb growers, latest hydroponic herb ideas, and ways to high profits with herbs.

HYDROPONICS AS A HOBBY Those who practice hobby hydroponics before going commercial have a greater chance for hydroponic success.

SECRETS ON HOW TO MARKET HYDROPONIC PRODUCE, TO WHOM AND WHY Never start growing anything until you have established a market for it.

FOR HYDROPONICS YOU MUST RESEARCH YOUR MARKET Market research is the most important thing you can do.

AN INTERVIEW WITH A RETAIL FLORIST If you want your hydroponic operation to stay on top, pay attention to what the market wants.

TWO SURVIVAL TOOLS - HYDROPONICS AND AQUAPONICS Hydroponics and aquaponics go together for one simple reason: they are good survival tools for both private and commercial operations./P>

THE HYDROPONICS GREENHOUSE AND ROOT-ZONE HEATING According to one authority, plants put on most of their growth during the first four hours of night. Therefor split-night temperature control is an idea for us to consider.

HOW TO SAVE ENERGY IN THE HYDROPONICS GREENHOUSE Always keep the health of a plant's roots in mind and you won't go too far wrong.

IDEAS FROM ABROAD, SOME OLD, SOME NEW HYDROPONICS IN ISRAEL: Most of Israel is arid and has little water available for crop production.

HYDROPONICS SEEDS AND SEEDLINGS A short but impressive lesson on how to grow hydroponic plants from seeds and seedlings.


TESTIMONIALS ABOUT HYDROPONICS About people who are doing hydroponics and enjoying it. Here I include a few remarks from various folks, both individual and corporate.