Great market, eager buyers, large profits - all can be found by growing specialty, baby salad and gourmet greens


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From Bob Saffell:
Winchester, KY
Monday, 2:30 pm

Here's something you should think about. With today's economy what would you do if you lost your job or had to settle for lesser income? What would you lose? At least with the following you could establish a base to make up for the income you have lost. Can you afford to ignore this? Can you afford to keep on losing? Is it worth the risk? Read the following all the way through and see what we're talking about,

Dear Friend,

Would you like to earn up to $60,000 and more per year on 1/2 acre? Would you like to do it in an industry which is just beginning to grow? Which is destined to thrive in good times and bad?

If yes is your answer then now's the time to grow specialty salad greens. Why? Because a lot of folks are just plain tired of ordinary salads. They want variety and zest. And they'll gladly pay anyone to help satisfy their tastes.

You can cash in on this new field with just a little bit of plant know-how and some marketing savvy (which I furnish). You can start out as small as you want and expand to fill your market and its needs. Anyone with common sense can make a profit from the start.

It's easy to learn how with my new manual, BIG DOLLARS GROWING GOURMET SALAD GREENS! No, you don't have to have a green thumb (just follow the directions). You don't need to start out with a lot of expensive equipment. All you need is my manual, plus a few simple tools which you no doubt have already.

This plan is very new - there is nothing like it in today's market! When you finish reading this manual, all your questions will be answered. Later on, if something comes up, just call or e-mail me. THERE WILL BE NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Before we go any further let's talk about possible income. A lady in Pennsylvania has one bed 23 ft x 100 ft. Outside! From this one bed she averages $700 gross per week. Let's suppose she nets $300/week which is low. Operating for only 30 weeks per year, she can net $9,000. If she had this bed inside a greenhouse or even a low inflatable polythene tunnel she could earn $15,000 per year. FROM ONE BED!

An owner of a large operation in California says that two people, possibly one, could plant and harvest one acre. Let's not bother to calculate how much income that could mean. Suffice it to say that the lady above tills less than 3000 square feet. There are 44,000 square feet in one acre!

Here's more good news: gourmet or specialty greens are easy to grow! I'll tell you in my manual how you can get started right now. You'll find it's not difficult to get into this business. I'll show you every particular: from how to choose your seed to how to sell the finished product. At no time will you be in doubt as to what to do. Remember, if you ever need any help just call.

Marketing is the key to this fast-expanding business. Getting in on the ground floor helps, but those who know their marketing will be the winners. This of course is true in any business. But this is where you'll be ahead of everyone; my manual is very strong on marketing and its techniques. The secret is to know what your customers like best. Satisfy their tastes and desires - then introduce them to even more unusual varieties.

Confirmed salad lovers will buy separate varieties (which you wholesale at around $8.00 per pound) and mix their own salads in what the French called mesclun. If you sell to chefs and other buyers, you'll want to learn to produce with consistency, always keeping in mind what you have to have on hand throughout the year. It isn't hard to do if you remember and follow through. Keep in touch with your buyers. That's the key to an appreciative audience which is more than happy to pay top dollar.

So what do you have to do to start off inexpensively and without a lot of fuss? The growing part is easy. And if you'll keep the growing area clean you'll greatly reduce your labor costs. The marketing is relatively easy. I will lead you step by step through the essentials.

The term specialty greens is used to cover some loose-leaf lettuces as well as chicory (the Italians call it radicchio), small romaine lettuces, cress, endives, mustards, celeraic root, arugula and others. When several of these are mixed together, they produce an array of color and flavor which is irresistible to chefs and their customers.

The manual starts off with the selection of seeds. We introduce a list which covers many varieties. An imaginative combination of these would be a far cry from the salads found in most restaurants. HOWEVER YOU WILL ONLY NEED TO GROW A FEW VARIETIES - the ones your customers like the most. My manual shows you how to select those varieties which will make your business grow. Added varieties will come later with a good customer base.

The manual is divided into five sections: selection and startup, two methods of plant production, packaging and marketing, putting it all together (how I would do it), and a more than adequate list of suppliers.

The manual shows you in detail how to start out your seed. How to plant the seedlings, how to maintain the plants. Though lettuce and specialty greens have few pests, you are shown how to protect your plants against pests if they should occur. The main thing to remember is to keep your operating and growing area clean. The cleaner the better.

You're also shown how to choose fertilizers and how to determine the pH of the soil or nutrient solution. I even tell you how to spot any diseases and nutrient toxic levels, if any. Again, with specialty greens and lettuces, these are not big problems. But I'm not going to let you take any chances. I want you to succeed.

For those of you who prefer organic culture, you'll find you can do it with both suggested methods of plant production. The reason I suggest these growing methods is that they make it easier to keep the plants clean. Also they keep down pests and disease. Clean plants mean high profits.

I'll show you how to create huge harvests by: keeping the plants so close their leaves touch and overlap, making it easy to water and fertilize, making it easy to harvest; using cloches and small polythene tunnels to start up early crops and to prolong crops into fall, protecting against birds and animals, even going inside into a greenhouse and doing the same thing.

A greenhouse can double, even triple, your profits! I'll show you the plans for a greenhouse which you can build for yourself for as little as FIFTY CENTS PER SQUARE FOOT! Much, much cheaper to build than a regular commercial greenhouse. But still sturdy and strong, built to last for years. To stand up against high winds and bad weather.

You may want to use other alternatives. That's okay. Because then I'll tell you about regular walk-ins, inflatable walk-ins, insulated and earth-sheltered. All at low cost. No matter what you choose to use I'll show you the best ways to go. Such as:

How to use the cheapest to use open beds and to build as fast as possible without borrowing to test the water to find out where the real money is...most of all, how to raise a crop as fast as to get three to five crops per year outside and five to ten inside...with no hit and miss.

Perhaps you're beginning to see just how comprehensive my manual is. Frankly this is just a start. There's a lot more - and it's all explained in easy-to-read language Not only do I take you from scratch to finished product but I also show you how to sell it. You can see why you need to get started right away!

Some of you will probably want to grow crops for your own use. In this case, you'll only need enough space to provide the varieties you want for your family. Whether you want to grow your own food or own a business which will last for some time to come, growing specialty greens can be a very enjoyable experience.

Considering all of the above, what is the most important thing you should do right now? As we all know, getting started is the thing. YOU CAN THINK FOREVER ABOUT IT, BUT GETTING STARTED SEPARATES YOU FROM THEM!

Is it for you? No, it isn't all easy. What is? You do have to pay attention to detail. You do have to practice good housekeeping. You do have to study and learn more. But that's true in any business. That big package you've always wanted can be yours if you agree it takes work, study and planning to get what you want. With all of these, you can succeed. Others already have and there's room for a lot more!

Think about it. Where will you be one year from now? Five? Ten? Buy my manual. It will tell you how to make the coming years quite pleasant. It will help you be your own man.

Order a copy of my manual today! . You'll be doing the right thing. The price isn't high - not when you consider that soon, perhaps this very year, you may be able to declare your own independence. Doing something that's really worthwhile.


As an example of the quality of our manuals, here's what others are saying about our hydroponic manual:

Johannesburg, South Africa-- I received your publication on "How to start on a Shoestring and make a profit with Hydroponics" in March this year and was really impressed (by the manual as well as the speedy response and delivery). Like your Web Site it was crammed with interesting and MOST helpful information, easy to read, simple and straight to the point (Well worth the R190.00) - I am now totally "hooked". I have built (in my driveway - mind you) a 24 square meter greenhouse, one hydroponics system using PVC pipes, one aeroponic box and I am currently experimenting with a gravity feed pyramid system for strawberries. I am also eyeing the top of my garage for the next greenhouse - much to my neighbours delight :-)

... the fun I've had so far is priceless and I owe you a BIG THANK YOU!! -- Gilbert Davies

Eureka, CA-- After receiving your truly exhaustive manual on hydroponics I know that you deliver exactly what you promise - and more. Nancy Santos

Desert Hot Springs, CA-- This is a good manual. I have several experimental greenhouses. -- Rodney Davis


Sydney, Australia-- it (the manual) also has quite a lot to offer the beginner who is thinking of expanding at some stage to become a full-time hydroponic producer. ...Sensibly, marketing and marketing strategies are given quite a lot of prominence throughout the manual, beginning with the advice - never start growing anything until you have established a market for it. ...It is an easy manual to read, written in a conversational tone and divided into lots of sub sections.

From a review in the Winter 1993-94 issue of GROWING EDGE, a top grower's magazine:

Corvallis, OR-- Practical, to the point, no nonsense. That is probably the best way to describe to commercial hydroponic growing. You'll find that Saffell rarely shies away from the common problems that plague beginning growers. ... For the small commercial grower, or for anyone contemplating such a leap, this manual could prove invaluable. The marketing advice, in particular, could help you steer around the common blunders.


If you wish to place an order please do so strictly at my risk. This manual comes with a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee! That's NO RISK for you! This is a money-back LIFETIME guarantee - with absolutely no strings attached. Why do I do this? After 21 years in this business, I have a reputation to maintain and I don't want you to feel like you're "being taken." I want you to order this information today. I want you to read it, find out for yourself - and if you aren't completely satisfied, just write, call or email me for a fast refund of the purchase price you paid. There will never be any questions or hassles. There is no way you can lose.

Like others of its kind, this manual would usually be priced at $49.95 or higher. But as an internet marketing test, for a limited time, the manual will be made available at 25% off ... at $37.00. In other words, right now you can get my manual for $37.00 at absolutely no risk to you (see guarantee above). That's what a lot of people spend for an evening out at a normally-priced restaurant. If you use only one of the hundreds of secrets or tips, I guarantee you will have more than paid for the manual.

Remember, the cost of this offer is not its real value. The real value is what you'll get by having this information at your fingertips.

In addition, if you order right now, I'll not only guarantee the discounted price of $37.00 but I will also extend the following important and exciting bonuses free of charge:


Your manual will have an extensive section about a very inexpensive greenhouse I designed to withstand high winds when I lived in Texas. All the drawings, the material specifications, the costs and other breakdowns and descriptions are included.

BONUS #2: FREE CONSULTATION SERVICE - for as long as you want!

I will be available to answer any questions I can. There will never be any charge or fee for this valuable consultation service. The normal charge for this kind of consultation service can run into hundreds of dollars. But it's FREE to you. Any questions having to do with hydroponics - plants, growing, fertilizer, disease control, you name it. I will be happy to answer as best I can.

I will be available to answer any questions I can. There will never be any charge or fee for this valuable consultation service. The normal charge for this kind of consultation service can run into hundreds of dollars. But it's FREE to you. Any questions having to do with the material in the manual you ordered, I will be happy to answer as best I can.

Do you really think you can do without this manual?

You can telephone me at 1- 859-749-3563. But if you get my voice mail, just leave your name and phone number. I'll call back at no cost to you!

Alll orders will normally be shipped with download instructions via email, but we do have hard copies available.These must be ordered by mail with check or money order for $41 made out to Mayhill Press or Hilmur Saffell and sent to 103 Susan Ct, Winchester, KY 40391. Be sure to tell us exactly what you want and to what address we shoud mail the order.

Frankly, I look forward to hearing from you soon. But most importantly I hope to hear about how you apply what you've learned and that you, too, have found a new and exciting way of life. Really, it's most gratifying to hear about other people's successes!

Yours quite sincerely,

Bob Saffell

P.S. That's it. You get your new manual. AND the greenhouse plans. AND my free consultation charge as long as you want. Then you be the judge. Don't forget: you have to be completely satisfied.If you're not 100% satisfied, I want you to email, call or write me for a full and complete refund. Again there will be no hassle, no questions asked.

P.P.S. For those who live in countries other than the United Sates or Canada, you get the same price as stated above! Again you must be completely satisfied. If the material doesn't work for you or your situation, just email, call or write for a full refund.

Any comments, what have you, will be appreciated. I look forward to your feedback. Email me at



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