Here they are, listed by number and title:

1. Growing in the Tropics

2. Getting the Most out of Aquaponics

3. Foliar Feeding Plus Growing Plants from Cuttings and Seeds

4. Edible Flowers, Baby Veggies, Potatoes in a Tub

5. Supplemental Lighting for More Productive Plants

6. Rearing Ladybugs, Praying Mantis: Controlling Scale, Aphids, Mealybug

7. Rearing Butterflies and Crickets

8. Computers and Hydroponics

9. Indoor and Basement Hydroponics

10. Growing Facts for Strawberries

11. Growing Hydroponic Hay or Fodder

12. Carbon Dioxide for Fast Plant Growth

13. Grow Plants with the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)

14. Great Crops from Flood and Drain

15. AVRDC - Hydroponic System of the Future?

16. Is Aeroponics, and Particularly Ein-Gedi, the Face of the Future?

17. Sand and Gravel Systems - Old but still Reliable

18. Many Growers Prefer the Bag System

19. Let's Grow Juicy, Tasty Tomatoes

20. Let's Grow Crisp, Cool Cucumbers

21. Let's Grow Delicious Lettuce

22. Let's Grow Peppers, Including Chiles - Hot! Hot! Hot!

23. Integrated Pest Management, Insect and Disease Control

The price of each report is US$7, but if you order now the cost will be 3 for US$17.

If you wish to order, please order by the number and the title of the report. As usual, these reports have my 100% lifetime guarantee. If for any reason you do not like them, send them back or let me know and you will be automatically refunded the amount you have spent (less S&H if any).

There are four ways to order and they are all easy:

Since this is a special offer, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE MY WEBSITE SERVER. It is not setup for this offer.

1. The safest way to order is to do the following:

Send two emails to: where we have a regular retail secure terminal.

In the first email give your name and address and the product or products you want to order as well as the first half of your credit card number. In the second email give the last half of your credit card number as well as its expiration date and your daytime phone number.

2. The fastest way to order is online by using the order form at (http://www.mayhillpress.com/order.html).

Fill in the blanks and press the SUBMIT BUTTON ONE TIME ONLY. Keep in mind that if you use the order form, I will send your report(s) via email as soon as I check my email - (usually 5 times a day)! This means you can get an extra jump on putting money in your pocket. DON'T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!

3. You can telephone me at 1- 859-745-5218. I'm usually available from 1 pm to 10 pm EST. But if you get my voice mail, just leave your name and phone number. I'll call back at no charge to you!

4. To get your order in Word on a floppy disk, follow the instructions given here.

Go to http://www.mayhillpress.com/order.html, fill in the blanks. Then print out the order form and snail-mail the form. You will receive the report(s) in Word format on a floppy disk. The cost will be the number of reports ordered plus $4 S&H.

If you want me to email the report(s) to you, then be sure I have a proper email address, and let me know it's an email order so I don't charge the $4 S&H. Bear in mind some ISPs like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Excite and others usually will not allow long email attachments. This is particularly true now that many servers have spam blockers.

Mail all information, which includes your name, mailing address, credit card number and expiration date, or check or money order to Mayhill Press, 103 Susan Ct, Winchester, KY 40391.

Sorry, I do not have any printed copies nor do I intend to have them.

I look forward to hearing from you. I know you will love your reports.

...Bob Saffell

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