Secret tips on growing the entire spectrum of delicious lettuces, gourmet and specialty greens. Information which you can use


Instructions and discussions on how to raise gourmet salad greens using either intensive gardening methods or hydroponics

NEW IDEAS ON HOW TO STARTUP, MAINTAIN AND PRODUCE with special ways for those who want to market what they produce

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I know you will be interested in our new series of reports (much like the above) in which we explore in great depth each of the topics given in the reports listed below. Since we introduced these reports we have had a high demand for them.

These are the topics that so many people have asked about in the past. These are the really hot topics, some of which are sure to catch your eye.

These reports are jam-packed with information that you can use today. We have cut right to the chase and given you all the meat and the potatoes!

All of the material contained in these reports is new and, except for an excerpt or two from my books, not easily available elsewhere. I'll tell you one thing: they're huge bargains!


HYDROPONICS/AQUAPONICS AND MORE Plus other ideas of interest.

SOME REASONS why you should be interested in growing specialty or baby salad greens.

BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER WITH A SAMPLE STARTUP PLAN Here are some simple procedures to get you started.

INTENSIVE SOIL PRODUCTION FOR LETTUCES AND SPECIALTY GREENS For both organic and regular production methods, intensive gardening is essentially the same. The beds are constructed in the same manner. The prime difference is type of fertilizer used.

Growing, trimming and harvesting - very important. But shipping, handling and marketing are more important.

SEEDS AND SEEDLINGS A short but impressive lesson on how to grow plants from seeds and seedlings


TESTIMONIALS: Here I include a few remarks from various folks throughout the country.

BIG DOLLARS GROWING GOURMET SALAD GREENS is a must read for those who have any interest at all in baby salad greens, gourmet or specialty greens


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