Even diamonds can be found in southeastern Wyoming which has geological structures just like those in South Africa!


The information given below is based on that which can be found in our new gold/gem folios. If you would like some of these gold/gem maps for your own, CLICK HERE.



The following key is used: Diamond = D; Jade = J; Beryl = B; Chalcedony = H; Quartz = Q; Agate = A; Ruby and Sapphire = R; Aquamarine = M; Garnet = G; Rosy Quartz = RQ; Tourmaline = T

ALBANY: 6 miles S from Hermosa - diamond bearing Kimberlite - D
.....2 miles SW from Foxpark - B
.....10 miles E from Boslar along Hwy 34 - Jasper
CARBON: 6 miles NNE from Ryan Park - D
.....Jade at 3.5 miles ESE from Leo, 2.5 miles SW from Leo and 8 miles E from Ferris
CONVERSE: At Moss Agate Hill 30 miles SW from Douglas, and at Specimen Hill in the Laramie Mtns further S - A
FREMONT: 5 miles W from Sweetwater Station - R (Sapphire), J
.....5 miles S from Sweetwater Station - J
.....More Jade at these distances from Jeffrey City: 7-10 miles SW, 7 miles WSW, 3 miles NW, 7 miles W, 8.5 miles NW, 9.5 miles NNW, 7 miles N
.....At 3 miles N from Jeffrey City - R
.....At 6 miles S from Guffy Park - B
.....NE from Circle Ranch at Dubois - J
.....15 miles NW from Lysite - M
.....Agate in streams and around Ethete: 4 miles W, 5 miles NW, 8 miles NNW
CONVERSE: along Rabbit Creek 13 miles SE from Boxelder - J
LARAMIE: W from Cheyenne - in gravels - H
.....At Cheyenne Pass - Q
NATRONA: near Day Creek 6-7 miles NNE from Savage Peak - J
.....In a creek bed 6 miles W from above - J
.....16-17 miles WNW from Alconba - J
PLATTE: 7.5 miles from Dwyer - J
.....Along North Platte River near Glendo - H
.....On W side of Lake Guernsey near Guernsey - A, Jasper
.....Along road to Hartville (from Guernsey) - A
SWEETWATER: at Cathedral Bluffs about 4 miles SW from Tipton at Delaney's Rim - A
SUBLETTE: along Blucher Creek 15-17 miles WNW from South Pass City - J
TETON: 7 miles SE from Pyramid Peak or 15 miles ESE from Jackson - J
WASHAKIE: W from Worland - H


CUSTER: beside Hwy 89 between Minnekahta and Pringle - A
.....At Custer State Park NE from Pringle - A
.....At 3 miles W from Fourmile - G, T
.....In hills behind state farm E from Custer - A
.....At White Elephant mine S from Custer - RG
.....At Tepee Canyon 14 miles W from Custer on Hwy 16 - A
.....At McDermand ranch and in creek area beyond picnic grounds - Fairburn Agate
FALL RIVER: along state line S from Ardmore - A, Jasper
.....E from Oelrichs to Lone Butte - A
JACKSON: W from Interior along Hwy 40 - A
JONES: in White River 12 miles S from Murdo - H
PENNINGTON: at Robert Ingersoll mine near Scenic - G
.....Along Hwy 16 mere Keystone - G
.....Between highways 16 and 87 at Mount Rushmore - RQ
.....E from Rapid City to Box Elder creek - Q
.....At Hart Table 2 miles W from Scenic - A
.....In hills 1 mile W from Scenic - A, Jasper
.....In banks of White River near Scenic - A
.....3 miles S from Scenic - A, RQ


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