Some folks predict that Wyoming , like Idaho, may be on the comeback trail for gold production.



The information given below is based on that which can be found in our new gold/gem folios. If you would like some of these gold/gem maps for your own, CLICK HERE.



ALBANY: Centennial Ridge District - 2-3 miles W & S from Centennial.
.....Independence mine - 2.5 miles W from Centennial.
.....Douglas Creek District - 8 miles west from Albany - includes the entire
drainage system of Douglas Creek.
.....Keystone mine at and around Keystone.
BIG HORN: Bald Mtn District placers in streams S, SW and N of Bald Mtn.
CARBON: Encampment District - 5-18 miles SW from Encampment.
.....Mines: North Fork Group, Purgatory Gulch.
.....Cooper Hill District - 7 miles S and SE from Arlington.
.....Sunday Morning mine - 7 miles ESE from Ferris.
CROOK: Bear Lodge District - 6-7 miles NW from Sundance.
.....Mineral Hill District - 15 miles E from Sundance.
FREMONT: South Pass District - SW from South Pass City.
.....Dickie Springs-Oregon Gulch District - 3-6 miles S and E from
South Pass.
.....Tin Cup District - 12 miles NNW from Jeffrey City Mines: Tin Cup,
.....Lewiston District - 10 miles SE from Atlantic City. Bullion mine - 10
miles ESE from Atlantic City; Burr mine - 11 miles SE.
.....South Pass City - Atlantic City District - runs from South Pass City to Miners Delight. BEST WYOMING GOLD PRODUCER. Mines: Carissa - at South
Pass City; Miners Delight - 3 miles NE from Atlantic City; Duncan - 2 miles NE from South Pass City. Garfield, Caribou , Mill Hill placers S from Atlantic City.
.....Rock Creek Placers: OVER 40 MINES IN THIS DISTRICT.
.....Lysite District - 12 miles NW from Lysite. William Luman Mine.
LARAMIE: Silver Crown District - 20 miles W from Cheyene in Laramie Mtn foothills. Copper King (AZ) mine - 21 m WNW from Cheyenne.
NIOBRARA: Silver Cliff mine - 2 miles NNW from Sunshine.
PARK: Kirwin District - 16 miles S from Sunshine.
.....Sunlight District - upper Sunlight Creek.


LAWRENCE: Bald Mtn District - 3 m West and SW from Lead, Mogul Mine.
.....Deadwood-Two Bit District - around Deadwood. Mostly from placers in Deadwood Gulch and the following creeks: Two Bit, Elk, Strawberry. Also Strawberry Gulch. Mines: Cloverleaf, Mascot.
.....Garden District - 1-3 miles N from Lead. Maitland mine - 3 miles NNW from Lead.
.....Lead District - at Lead. HOMESTAKE MINING COMPANY.
.....Squaw Creek District - 6 miles W from Lead. Includes Elk Mtn, Carbonate, Ragged Top areas. Placers at Squaw and Annie creeks. MORE MINES: Gold Reward - 2 miles SW from Lead; Wasp No 2 - 2 miles S. Gilt Edge - 5 miles ESE; Spearfish - 7 miles W; Uncle Sam - 7 miles SE; Lundberg, Door and Wilson - 2 miles WSW; Hoodoo-Union Hill - 5 miles ESE; Reliance - 5 miles W; Hidden Fortune - .5 mile N.
PENNINGTON: Hill City District - near headwaters of Spring Creek and around Hill City to the NW. JR mine - 3 miles NE from Hill City.
.....Keystone District - 1.5 miles SE to 3.5 miles NW from Keystone. Mines: Keystone-Holy Terror.
.....Rockerville Placer District - E from Rockerville.

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